About A.H.L.Painting, we have been in the industry for over 20 years specialising in professional interior and exterior painting and decorating. Currently for the past 6 years we have extended our services to accomodate on Residential, Strata and Commercial high level complexes. Our professional painters-rope access technicians have the tools and certified training to handle the restoration work of difficult to access areas of these high level buildings and unique structures. We have established a place for ourselves in the painting industry, and notably in rope access painting accredit from completing some of the most renown painting projects across Sydney.

In consideration to undesirable access methods, such as scaffolding and elevated work platforms that can harm your budget, become intrusive to your tenancy, and become detrimental to the safety of the public and staff involved, A.H.L.Painting pride ourselves at being able to provide optimal quality that are safe, efficient, and cost-effective through our rope access painting methods.

We actively ensure that all our work sites are safe and that all comply to OHS requirements. At High Level Painting, we undertake work as the primary contractor and we also subcontract to other painting or construction companies who require rope access painting and remedial work.

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